Our history has yet to be written...

Our future will be guided by the skill and bravery of our soldiers on the battlefield.

No Panzergruppe Soldat will try to win a battle by dying for his Clan, He will win the battle by making his opponents die for his.

We fight with integrity, dignity, Inspiration and honor.

We shall be humble in Victory and face defeat with grace.

The loyalty and courage of a Panzergruppe soldat will be unquestioned.

Through leadership, planning, tactics and execution we will be victorious.

We are intimidated by no threat, nor shall we dismiss any challenge.

Given the slightest opportunity, Panzergruppe soldats will achieve victory from certain defeat.

We will strive to be the very best, the finest, the bravest.

We are the Elite.

We are the Panzergruppe.



Laying in wait...