Would you like to join the Panzergruppe...?

If you are interested in joining our elite clan, you must meet the following requirements:

  • have a current record on Cases ladder or Tournament house (any CC version) and
  • have played at least 30 games on either of the above ladders and
  • be ranked within the first 50 players on either of the above ladders and
  • have played at least 2 different Pz officers in at least 2 different games each.
  • have read and are ready to obay the Panzergruppe Creed.
If you meet these requirements, please e-mail:


Include your e-mail address, full name, home country, current ladder name, name of Pz officers you've been playing and date and year of birth.

All requests to join is answered as quickly as possible.

On very rare occasion one or more of the above requirements may be ommited.

Please remember to read the Panzergruppe Creed . These are the words that all Panzergruppe members are bound by. It is required that you understand and accept the Creed.

All new recruits start out as grenadiers. Over time, through the acquisition of medals and other acheivements members will be promoted up through the ranks. Veteran players will be given their due medals but also will start out as grenadiers.


If you have any questions, comments or ideas ....... please let me know.


Pz_vonschalburg, Reichführer-SS, Clan leader Panzergruppe



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